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Posts tagged: asian privilege

if I see one more black person talking about white privilege, i’m gonna go punch a wall.

yes, being white comes with benefits. but being black does as well. at least most people assume that you are american.  i wear “american” style clothes, and i speak english fluently with the most blatantly american accent (military brat, think of how newscasters speak without the over enunciation), but people still tell me how great my english is, and ask me when I came to the US, or ask me where i’m from. and when I reply Richmond, VA, they say “no, where are you really from? Like where are your parents from?” And don’t even get me started on asians in the Media. We’re scientists, or geeks, or ninjas, and if it’s a girl she’ most likely highly sexualized. The amount of asians playing non-stereotypically asian roles (roles that could have been played by a person of any color) is less then 5.

No matter what color you are, people are going to look down at you. I’ve seen so many posts on tumblr about how it’s ok to disregard white peoples feelings because they are “privileged” and just feeling “white guilt” I’m sorry, it might not be as systematic, and widespread as discrimination against POC, but you are being just a racist, and just as much of a douche. Every color has it’s pros and cons. White people can’t help that they get a leg up. Looking down at them isn’t helping anyone but your own ego.