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ugh. i’m half white, but I was born with small eyes, and dark skin. i know it, I get it, i have even grown to almost like it. but why do people always have to bring it up.

Today I had this conversation with a 형 I know.

 ”You know… you’re half white right?”

Me: “Obviously…”

Him: “But… your skin isn’t white.”

Me: “What the…”

Him: “And looking closely at you… your eyes are kind of small”

Me: “헐… You’re not exactly 장동건 either.

Him: “But i’m Korean. You’re a halfie, all you guys are supposed to be good looking.”

Me: “…”

The sad thing is… it’s not the first time i’ve had almost this exact conversation. Yes i’m a halfie. No, I don’t have 송중기-esque white skin, and huge twinkling eyes. And I can’t deny that it would be nice to have those things. And sometimes I even wish I did have them. But I don’t. What I do have is skin that always looks like I have a tan, and eyes that pretty much dissapear when I smile. BUT I never have to worry about getting burned in the sun, and not to sound cocky, but my eye smile is pretty darn cute. So, while I would love to have milky white skin, and huge eyes, I think the current me isn’t that bad either~

i really can’t stand politically correct people.

honestly, i could really care less if I hurt someones feelings with my words. bullying is bad. Trying to hurt people is bad. but fuck if i’m going to watch all my words/opinions just in case someone might get offended. so…

fuck you you fat, ugly, nigger-licious, kike-looking, spic loving, chinky eyed, half retarded, cracker ass, crippled, deaf, mute, terroristic, ginger headed, feminazi jew. but no homo.^^ i totally meant fuck you in an I hate you way, not in an actually fucking you way. because that would be totally gay.

Life is too short to be butthurt all the time. Stop worrying about what people say without any evil intent, and start worrying about the people that actually are trying to attack you for whatever reason. Hell, being mixed I deal with ignorant people all the time. But I don’t get upset, because I know they aren’t trying to hurt me. (Except those people who hear i’m Korean, then say “Oh, so you were Chinese” That’s just being an idiot. But if you are actually overtly racist to me? That’s a whole different story. Bitch it’ll be on like donkey kong~



That shit is the biggest lie in the world. Some people are just damn ugly. No matter how much makeup, or nice clothes, or whatever they do. They will always be ugly. No ifs ands or buts.

But external beauty isn’t the only kind of beauty. There is internal beauty as well.     But a lot of people are heavily lacking in that area as well.

Now i’m not saying i’m a beautiful person in either area… I find i’m average in one area, and severely lacking in the other. (You can judge for yourself which is which)  But… I have no idea where i’m going with this. I just had the idea to write this text post.. and now I don’t know how to end it so…

Not everyone is beautiful. 끝!

Only the inside matters. What you look like on the outside doesn’t matter.

People who believe this are idiotic. In a perfect world this would be true.
But we don’t live in a perfect world. 

Heavily recomended song. Heavily.

Lyrics for those of you that don’t understand korean. *Credit to pop!gasa 

Mom, why am I so ugly?
The kids keep making fun of me
Can’t I get some plastic surgery done over the break?
If not, I’m really going to leave this house
I’m just gonna go die, for real
Mom, for real

Mom, I hate mirrors the most in the whole world
I’m sick of being called a loser
My eyes are slit across, my nose is crooked
My face is so big and how about my skin?

On top of that, like you, I’m so short
I’m not even 160 cm - my friends get surgery for that
But our household is a bit poor
I’m not that smart either - I’m just average

Mom, stop saying that the inside is what counts
It’s so annoying, I’m sick of it - did you not hear what I’ve been saying?
Society these days criticize you if you’re ugly
The world revolves around beauty - especially this country

So I looked it up - I want to go to this hospital in Kangnam
Celebrities and singers go there a lot
Fix me, draw a double eyelid on me too
Please, make me the same as everyone else

* It’s okay to be ugly
Don’t cry, don’t laugh
It’s okay to be ugly
Don’t cry, don’t kill yourself

** It’s okay to be ugly, don’t die
It’s okay to be ugly, you won’t die
It’s okay to be ugly, don’t cry
It’s okay to be ugly so smile
(It’s okay to be ugly so smile)

(Age and school?) 30 years old and a pretty famous school
(Work?) It’s famous, if I tell you, you’d know
(Money?) She makes more than the average man
But there’s a complex that made this elite woman come here

I thought appearance was not that important
I thought your charm is more important so I tried hard for that
I was confident in front of my pretty friends
But in the back, I kept getting stressed

I lived by power, education and pride
I take the pain medication that is my monthly salary
Men are stupid - everyone is fixed
They forgive the ugly but considers it a sin if you don’t get surgery

It’s okay now, I will go to sleep
When I open my eyes, in the mirror, I will look pretty
(When I have a daughter later, I won’t tell her that she’s the prettiest)
As I think those thoughts, I close my eyes, with tears

* repeat

** repeat