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somebody snapchat me~~

i’ve found that I get a lot more likes/reblogs and even new followers when I post pictures with guys in them, or selcas, vs when i post pictures of girls. that combined with a cursory look at my followers leads me to believe that almost all my followers are women or gay males. no real point to this post, just an observation.

maybe I should turn this blog into one of those blogs that posts nothing but halfnaked asian guys and kpop idols for 6 months, then switch back after I have craploads of followers. 

well… maybe not that far, but i’m totally going to post more pictures of guys lol. i’m sorry… i know it’s shallow, but I really love getting more followers. everytime it goes up by another 10, or 50, or 100 I get really happy. *waits for rocks/angry mobs*

losing followers (T-T)

lol, like I give a fuck. if you don’t want to follow me, because of one of the few text posts I make, then thats fine. you don’t have to agree with what I say, and i’d rather you unfollow me, then send me disgusting messages in my ask ^^

for my followers that have continued to follow me…  

m(^-^)m 부잉부잉! 내가 너희들을 사랑해!!!~

(Buing, Buing! I love you guys!!!~)

IDK why, but that is so much more awkward to say in english…