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Really, wtf… asian drivers.

….I don’t view the people who support this as having achieved personhood. Does that mean I can just kill them as well? (-_-)*




What  the  fuck?  Abortion/being  pro-choice  has  nothing  to  do  with  infanticide.

Yes also not “viewing” someone as having personhood doesn’t mean anything. The opinion that fetuses are not people is backed up by facts and logic. There are reasons we believe that fetuses don’t have personhood. OP is just saying it to be obnoxious.

The thing with logic is… you can twist it to your advantage. Doing the logical thing isn’t always doing the best thing morally. But that’s up to every person to decide. I didn’t even comment on regular abortion. The thing I was most shocked by is that the proponents of this “post birth abortion” don’t view fetuses that have actually been born as having achieved personhood. Not only that, they go on to state that the shock that the mother would go through after giving up her baby for adoption is more important than the babies life because the baby isn’t a person yet apparently, so it’s life and death are worthless. 

This and pre-birth abortion are similar, but at the same time completely different options. In the case of a normal abortion, the baby has no chance of survival. A pro-choice advocate could argue that it’s the mothers body, and all kinds of other things. In the case of a post birth abortion, a completely viable baby that could otherwise survive and prosper will because of some perceived defect can be killed, for no other reason then the parents don’t want it, but they don’t want anyone else to have it. A baby that could live a full and happy life with no further contact with the parents, killed because the parents might feel guilty about it later, or the baby might attempt to contact them when it’s older.

My comments about the supporters having “achieved personhood” were intended sarcastically. I’m not actually going to go out and attack these people. It was an emotional response to something I view as highly morally reprehensible. That said, I truely think these people are lacking something inside of themselves. Every human is a person, and deserves to be treated as such. But not every person is a good person.

Church Kidnaps Teens, Holds Them At Gunpoint As A ‘Lesson’

The fuck. What in the literal fuck. Like…. who… possibly thought this was a good idea.

Please PLEASE don’t let this be true…

I don’t give a fuck if you are white, black, asian, hispanic, or a fucking eskimo. The fuck is wrong with racist people. All people, no matter what, are just that. FUCKING PEOPLE! There is no race of people that are somehow intrinsically  better then others. Every race has geniuses and idiots, kind people and evil people, athletes and people that have two left hands and feet.

The author of this article is pretty obviously biased. But if the core of what he said is true… then the Board of Education, the PTA, the normal parents, and every adult associated with the school should be ashamed of themselves. 

I feel like this could have been so easily prevented. That kid should never have been attacked, and the kids who tried to burn him shouldn’t have been exposed to the kind of environment that molded them into people that would light another person on fire.

(Edit: The stuff about the kid getting on fire for being white is true. It’s the school stuff that is iffy. This is the only report I found about that, and the case as a whole only had about 6-7 reports written about it, most of them local news)